Our Story

The King Herbs of Life is on a mission our goal is to empower and help you take charge of your own wellbeing. We strive to provide a natural and holistic approach that cleanse , nourish and heal the body from within. mother nature provides us with every mineral and medicinal plant  to heal the human body, since the beginning of time. your body is the ultimate technology in it's ability to heal itself with our therapeutical approach of cleansing at the cellular level as well as nourishing our cells with minerals back to full health, using ancient herbal medicine , paired with ORGANIC healing methods and natural living and a Alkaline Diet (Livet). Our mission is simple We have been able to offer you what TRADITIONAL MEDICINE has not been able to accomplish and that is to unlock the power within you to restore the strength and vitality and achieve ultimate inner and outer beauty- our vision is one where every person can actively maintain their wellbeing and project wellness into their everyday lives!