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The King Herbs of Life is a health and wellness shop catering to the inner and outer beauty. Our focus is on lifestyle change for women men children and families. Health and nutrition are important in our health journey Jhonathan and his team are committed to help you take control over your own health. we shouldn't have to fear getting sick or feel trapped and hopeless to the medical system that address your symptoms with more and more medication. your body is the ultimate technology in its ability to heal itself through diet ,lifestyle change and natural herbal remedies provided by mother nature. 

The King Herbs of Life was created for the world to improve their health and wellness. our personal mission is to provide the tools and information to eliminate sickness and suffering caused by pharmaceuticals and chemicals that do not assimilate in the human body. we achieve this through proper nutrition, cellular cleansing and rebuilding the human body through the intake of minerals found in mother nature. Jhonathan and his team is committed to help women, men, children, and families live a happy, healthier and long life through diet and proper education of the human body and its self healing mechanisms.

Contact Information: Phone number: (239) 431-5286


Physical address: the king herbs of life llc, 886 110th ave n, unit 8, naples FL 34108, United States